Anne Lough ~ autoharp, guitar, hammered and mountain dulcimer artist; vocalist, storyteller, folk dance instructor
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Workshop Titles

Dulcimer Class - WCU, Cullowhee, NC
Anne is a skilled and highly acclaimed instructor for any level of workshop in autoharp,  hammered or mountain dulcimer, folk dance and shaped note singing. Workshops can be chosen from the following list or tailored to any specific emphasis or venue.

Anne Lough Workshop Titles


  • Welcome to the Hammered Dulcimer - Getting Started
  • Melody Mapping - Tuning up the Ear
  • Dressing It Up – Basic Melodic Embellishment
  • Chording - Backup
  • Frills and Thrills - A Step Further
  • Building Your Repertoire
  • Sweep the Floor in Three-Four
  • Mountain Modal Tunes
  • Fiddle Tunes
  • Favorite Hymns
  • Beautiful Celtic Melodies
  • O'Carolan Tunes
  • Classical Gems
  • Parlor Songs
  • Ragtime - Blues - Chromatic Notes
  • Creating Interesting Arrangements
  • Show Tunes and Old Standards
  • Christmas Anytime
  • Christmas From the Oxford Book of Carols
  • Heart and Soul - Playing with Expression and Musicality
  • Here Comes the Bride -  Wedding Classics
  • Another Jig or Two 
  • Reeling Around
  • Favorite Hornpipes
  • Traditional Tunes From Across theOcean
  • Tunes for wo


  • Welcome to the Mountain Dulcimer - Getting Started
  • Firming the Foundation - Strumming and Finger Placement
  • Tune Up the Ear
  • A Chording We Will Go - DAD, DAA, DAC or DGD 
  • Chord Substitution
  • Singing with the Dulcimer
  • The Haunting Aeolian Mode - Tunes in DAC
  • Lively and Bright - DGD tunes
  • DAD and DAA - Great Playing Partners!
  • Helpful Music Theory for Beginners
  • Creative Arranging and Interpretation
  • The Modal Dulcimer
  • Fancy Fingers - Left Hand Technique 
  • The Versatile Capo
  • Finger-Picking Made Easy
  • Heart and Soul - Playing with Expression and Musicality
  • Old Time Hymns and Gospel in DAD and Other Tunings
  • White Spirituals and Folk Hymns From the Shaped  Note Tradition
  • Appalachian and Play Party Songs
  • American Folk Songs to Sing and Play
  • Christmas Anytime
  • An Appalachian Christmas
  • Christmas from the Oxford Book of Carols
  • Children's Songs - Songs for the Young and Young at Heart
  • Harmony, Rounds, and Duets
  • Carter Family Tunes
  • Early Music
  • Lovely Tunes in Three Quarter Time
  • Beautiful Celtic Melodies
  • Bound for the Emerald Island - Celtic Sessions
  • Parlor and Sentimental Tunes
  • Stephen Foster Tunes
  • Tunes From Robert Burns
  • Easy Classics and Wedding Music
  • Lullabies From Around the  World



  • Welcome to the Autoharp - Getting Started
  • Singing With the Autoharp
  • Introduction to Melody Playing
  • Many Rhythms, Many Techniques
  • A Little More Challenge
  • Favorite Hymns for Autoharp
  • American Folk Songs to Sing and Play
  • Tunes From America's Folk Poets
  • Carter Family Tunes
  • Sounds of the Season - Christmas Favorites
  • Songs for the Young and Young at Heart

VOCAL -  Old Time Shaped Note Singing - A Singing School


  • All Join Hands and Circle Left - Folk Dance for Fun
  • Folk Dance From Around the World

"Anne combines the best qualities of performer and teacher. She is a thoroughly professionsl performer, has a beautiful singing voice, is highly skilled at accompanying herself on a wide variety of instruments and is also extremely knowledgeable about the background and history of the songs and tunes she sings and plays. As a teacher, she is patient, approachable, enthusiastic and and organized."
-Bob Dalsemer, President
Country Dance and Song Society of America
Music and Dance Coordinator, John C. Campbell Folk School, (Retired)
Traditional Folk Week - Gooik, Belgium

Student Comments:

  • "A superior instructor - I never dreamed I could learn so much in such a short time."
  • "A rare combination of talent, teaching excellence, humor, personality and patience."
  • "A REAL musical experience as well as an inspiration!"
  • "The best workshop I've ever attended - thank-you for such a wonderful week!"
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